Selling your business to an employee or family member?

Quality transaction services allow you to remain focused on your business while we handle the details.

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Internal buyouts are unique

We love working on closely held engagements and helping entrepreneurs transition their business to the next generation.

Owners asking an employee or family member to buy their business are faced with unique challenges

  • What is my business worth?
  • How will they pay for it? How much money do they even have?
  • How can I be protected if I help them finance the deal?

Experience is paramount when producing accurate valuations for small businesses, especially when you're trusting a family member to steward the company for the next generation.

The buyout process

Transactions with a buyer already in place can be complicated. Not only is the normal administrative burden high for any transaction, but the personal nature of an internal transaction can make things a little messy.

We stand in between buyers and sellers in closely held transactions - not as gatekeeper, but as mediator and confidant .
Selling to a family member or employee

Valuation and market analysis including financials and earnings

Internal and buyer due diligence review

Deal structure modeling

Lender (bank) approvals

Negotiation and closing

Has an employee or family member expressed interest in buying your business?


Just want to learn more?

We're here to talk even if you aren't ready to sell and just want to learn more about the process.

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