Market Valuations

Market valuation assessments to determine what fair market value actually is operating businesses

We answer your important questions:

How much is my business worth?

Valuation can be more art than science, and this certainly rings true in the lower middle market.

We perform our own due diligence, financial modeling, comparable transaction analysis, and have many, many conversations with real industry buyers to determine fair market value.

Do you need a certified business valuation?

In many cases, probably not. Certified valuations are paid appraisals performed by a licensed business valuation professional.

When might you need a CBV?

When would you want an assessment of market value?

We couldn't market and sell a business effectively if we didn't know the value. What we offer is a little different than a certified valuation, as we take the time to talk with actual industry buyers to determine the true market value.

When do you want an assessment of market value?

Delivering Tailored Valuations

Our expertise goes beyond the spreadsheet

Owners of private companies turn to us early on when considering an acquisition to answer an important question: how much is my company worth? Our independence allows us to provide conflict-free advice that is focused solely on getting to to the truth and aligned with the business owner's best interests.

Experience is paramount when producing accurate valuations for small businesses, and we believe time spent talking with actual strategic acquirers in each industry is just as important as poring over spreadsheets and financial data - we take our time on both. Most valuation assessments follow the following process:

  1. Intro call with business owner to assess needs and get a general feel for the business
  2. NDA signing and data request: typically monthly P&L, balance sheet, and other support documents
  3. Follow-up questions and request: we'll always want to sharpen our pencils after reviewing financials
  4. Comparable transaction analysis
  5. Industry trends
  6. Buyout structure and investor strategies*
  7. Strategic buyer conversations*

* Buyout structure, investor strategies, and strategic buyer conversations are often overlooked but critical for the business owner to understand the true market value of the business. Financial models are required, but what good is a financial model if we can't answer the questions who will by the business and exactly how will they pay for it?

Selling your business with Trailhead

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Prepare Financials

Selling begins with an analysis and valuation of your business.

We dig into your financials and perform our own due diligence, getting ahead of potential buyer objections before marketing the transaction.

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Market the Transaction

After analysis and valuation, we market your deal using every available marketplace and our own proprietary buyer list.

Your business is marketed confidentially, and we distribute information, NDAs, and field inquiries.

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Find a Buyer

Finding the right buyer and agreeing to the best terms is incredibly important.

We help you select the buyer who will not only get to closing, but will steward your business and legacy for the next generation.

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Support Due Diligence

The due diligence and closing process is filled with challenges, and Trailhead handles this so you can continue to run your business.

We assist in all aspects of closing, from assistance drafting the key purchase documents to working directly with the buyer's lender to obtain financing.

Lower Middle Market

Too large for brokers, too small for banks

We focus on profitable, privately businesses on main street to the lower middle market.


Growing buyer list

When not working with sellers, we're growing our buyer list. Most buyers we work with are operators themselves who intend to run the business for the long-term.


We sell businesses

We exclusively serve owners who wish to sell their business.

Full time and fully committed

We have deep financial experience and are fully engaged with you from analysis, to negotiation, to purchase agreement drafting, to closing.

Sell with Trailhead